There are several famous animation studios in Japan. Considering that the Land of the Rising Sun is the home of souls, the opposite would have been different. Kyoto Animation, also abbreviated as KyoAni, is well known among those who have made a name for themselves over the decades thanks to stories of excellent quality and good graphic representation Violet Evergarden.

The Kyoto house worked on this project for several years, first publishing the two volumes of the light novel in 2015 and only after some time, in 2018, began broadcasting the anime. That Episodes of Violet Evergarden immediately offered a very special cross-section, with a world that had been ravaged by war but was now at peace. And a former soldier is the protagonist of the series: unable to understand the nature of feelings, he will have to live to try to understand what they are and what he feels.

Between fantastic views and the beauty of the protagonist, Violet Evergarden has thus become one of the cults of Kyoto Animation, which ended the story with two animated films released between 2019 and 2020, unfortunately delayed by the sad story that affected the KyoAni headquarters in July 2019. There are many showing the audience's love for the anime Violet Evergarden Cosplay around the net.

Posted on Twitter, this one is signed by Azey, one of the most famous Asian cosplayers on the web, with many followers on different platforms. As you immediately notice, she wears both a white shirt and a blue coat, just like the character in the series, while the lighting and the chosen setting make her stand out Seamlessly immerse yourself in the work of Kyoto Animation's animators.

Meanwhile, the animation house is getting ready for Hyouka again.

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