Goku's journey in Dragon Ball began in the distant mountains of the east, in an area that in reality is very similar to China. As the protagonist moved to different locations, the The Dragon Ball world has expandedfully discovered it when video game images and maps of the entire earth were released.

The geography of the Dragon Ball world is very different from that of real Earth, with a gigantic continent dominating, then some larger landmasses, particularly in the north, and finally many islands in the south, including the island of Kame House and the island, where the Tenkaichi tournaments take place. We also know that there is a ruler of the earth, but in reality there is also a division between states.

Therefore, a special question arises: How many countries are there in Dragon Ball Land?? Until now, neither Akira Toriyama's work nor the Toyotaro-designed midquel has given an exact answer. However, with the release of the recent film Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero in Japan, an idea for guidance is given.

In the film, there is a scene dedicated to Whis and Beerus relaxing on a sofa while Goku and Vegeta fought. The God of Destruction, of course, ate an earthly delicacy, a packaged ice cream, and right on its wrapper is the answer to the question. There are more than 100 countries in the world of Dragon Ball, but the exact number is not disclosed. Did you expect such a number to be revealed?

To deepen this setting, there is also a drawing with the world of Dragon Ball very precisely, with all its main locations, put together by a fan.

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