Jujutsu Kaisen explored the moving history of Maki and Mai. Mai first appeared in the anime in the first half of the first series that fall and seemed to be carrying a very large weight on her shoulders.

In episode 17 of the Jujutsu Kaisen anime, the battle between the schools in Kyoto and Tokyo continues and after reunification Sisters Maki and Mai took the opportunity to talk to each other with open hearts. It is at that moment that we learn that Maki's determination and lack of cursed powers may have resulted in a more difficult future for Mai, and it is because of this that she experiences these negative feelings towards her sister.

This episode confirms that Maki Zenin was born with no cursed energyBut thanks to a pact she was given at birth, she received phenomenal strength. But Maki has been cast out and her family continues to ensure that she cannot continue her career as a sorceress.

This made Maki swear that she would become the head of the Zenin familyand shows everyone that he has given up being part of jujutsu society on his own initiative. Because of this, complicated feelings arose towards her younger sister, who was forced to become a sorceress against her will. She doesn't want to fight the monsters she is afraid of, but she does it because of her sister's actions.

The two were very close as children, but Feelings of anger and resentment arose from the uncomfortable situation. Although most of them are from May, it appears Maki also harbored resentments that arose from the fight.

While in the new chapter of the manga Satoru Gojo has become a criminal, a Chinese model has a cosplay of 10 and praise from Gojo!

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