Prior to the battle in the Kingdom of Swords, Asta and the other magical knights of the Kingdom of Klee had trained hard in anticipation of the difficult confrontation with the Dark Triad. Well that inBlack Clover Anime That moment has finally come, viewers can enjoy the fruits of their training.

During six months of training, Luck Voltia was one of the first wizards to find out how Natural mana channel through the runes and to acquire new impressive skills that we can finally admire in the fight against the Dark Triad of the Kingdom of Swords.

In episode 163 of Black Clover, Vanica Zogratis, accompanied by some dark students, invades the kingdom of the heart in search of Queen Lolopechka. Svenkin Gatard, an evil being who controls half his evil power, meets Luck immediately express their full potential.

Thanks to a powerful magic that thickens his skin, the antagonist can counter and counter absorb damage taken. However, if Luck gets to grips with his runes faster, the opposing defenses begin to fail. The coup de grace comes when the Black Bull wizard piles a few runes on top of each other and launches right through the enemy's body.

A very powerful attack leads to the exhaustion of luck Voltia. Given that the dark disciple had only half of his evil power at his disposal, the six months of training seemed insufficient for the Knights of the Shamrock Kingdom. Meanwhile, Yami's new techniques are changing the tide of Black Clover's struggle. As for the Yuki Tabata manga, Asta is ready to unleash his true devil power in Black Clover 281.

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