Without a doubt, Darth Vader remains one of the most famous and dangerous characters in the universe today war of stars, both for its unique and iconic design, but most of all for its incredible ability to manipulate the Force in their favor. However, Vader wasn't that powerful right away, and he almost died too.

The serious condition Anakin was in After the fight with Obi Wan and the subsequent operations, they inevitably changed his mobility and also his way of fighting with a lightsaber. Indeed, the presence of prostheses and gloves has greatly affected the ergonomics of the handle of lightsabers, and this put Vader in great danger shortly after his "rebirth".

The original sword, which Anakin had built directly as part of his Jedi training, was taken from Obi Wan after the fight, leaving Skywalker without a weapon for close combat. As stated in the numerous comics published by Marvel Comics, The Sith tend to steal the Jedi's lightsabers and then modify them. For this reason, in the volumes that have shown the origins of Vader, the latter goes in search of a Knight of the Order, a mission that is not at all easy given the consequences of the Order of 66.

Fortunately, Vader manages to recognize the position of Kirak Infil'a, a Jedi Master who had deviated from the Order long ago accepted the barash vow. The Sith arrives on the moon of Al'doleem to kill him and take possession of his lightsaber, but when the two meet, Infil'a almost manages to kill Vader, who, however, in a chaotic moment, the Reverses the situation and attacks the enemy with a fatal blow.

Back on the planet Mustafar to turn the sword in question red, Vader realizes that The handle of the stolen blade is not suitable at all to the grip his prostheses allow him. A subsequent attack by some bounty hunters results in the destruction of part of the handle in question, from which Vader attempts to create one suitable for his conditions.

Keep in mind that there will be a new class of Jedi in the High Republic and we'll leave you to the new timeline of the Star Wars universe.

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