Now the battle of Onigashima is under the watchful eye of every force. From the navy with X-Drake to the pirates themselves who will have serious imbalances if two emperors fall, leading to the mysterious CP0 group. One thing is certain, the world of ONE PIECE is sure to change.

Another step in this direction The epochal change will be ONE PIECE 1004, Chapter debuting on MangaPlus on Sunday, February 14th. Eiichiro Oda will focus on the rest of the Battle of Onigashima, according to the chapter's spoilers. We will therefore temporarily put Kaido, Big Mom and their youngest generation opponents aside.

The Chapter 1004 of ONE PIECE is titled "Kibi Dango", with chopper on the cover eating a rumble ball with a squirrel and a monkey. The chapter begins with Speed, one of Kaido's headliners, who gives dango to all poisons scattered around Onigashima and says it is medication Queen gave to help her recover. Then begins a short flashback in which Tama wants to go to Onigashima to help and then uses Speed, Gazelleman and Daifugou to get to the island. Create lots of kibi dango from your cheeks while traveling. And these are used in the present, and Gazellemen and Daifugou are seen at work too.

We then move on to the clash between Franky and Sasaki, with the shogun using his weapons on Sasaki, but it doesn't seem to work. Sasaki then tries to drive Franky, but Franky grabs him by the horns. Suddenly Usopp, Nami, Tama and Komachiyo arrive who now support a variety of poisons. Franky uses this moment to escapeSo Sasaki ends up in his division.

Ulti and Page One shout these Gifters are traitors, and Sasaki is confused. Ulti jumps on Komachiyo, but Nami uses Thunderlance Tempo to stop them, causing the dinosaur to fall to the ground. Nami knows that this is not enough to stop her permanently. Usopp uses the Hissatsu: Kibi Dango Star, exploits the Dango again and shoots them in the mouths of some of the Gifters and lets many of Sasaki's soldiers take his side. Franky takes advantage of this confusion to attack the Triceratops with the Fran Blade: Victory V Flash, Sasaki is shot and is bleeding.

We then see Black Maria and SanjiSince the cook defeats all of the spider's male subordinates, but cannot touch the women, Black Maria traps him in a web. The woman forces him to call Nico Robin so he can get there and catch her, as Kaido ordered her to be caught alive. On stage, Bao Huang warns that his spies have found the Red Sheaths and King orders them to be killed immediately. Black Maria announces that she will go there, but according to Bao Huang there are 10 people: a figure in the shadow helps the injured samurai. ONE PIECE will pause for a week after this chapter.

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