There are several webtoons that are seeing the light of day in the form of anime lately. Crunchyroll has released several, even Netflix is ​​busy with South Korean products, but the most awaited one has not yet arrived and has spread across the web in recent years: this webtoon Leveling only.

A seemingly simple, fantastical setting born in 2016's light novel format from the mind of Chugong, but revisited and taken to extremes by the now-deceased artist Jang Seong-rak. It was just the latter a make solo leveling famous all over the worldwith hundreds of thousands of fans desperately waiting for the chapters to be released, and by the end it was confirmed as one of the phenomena of the webtoon landscape of recent years.

He therefore could not stay without anime, and lately we often talk about it Production of the anime Solo Leveling. Information in general is still scarce, but through social media the manufacturer publishes new images and special illustrations. The latest of these have been shared by the Shonenleaks account on Twitter: in the images below you can see the Character designs by Cha Hae-in and Sung Jinwoo, the first female protagonist and second actual protagonist of the story. It's not an easy character design as both are shown in many poses, especially those of combat.

A way to remind the public that the anime is still in production and nothing has stopped, waiting for Solo Leveling to debut in 2023. How long are you waiting for the next work from A-1 Pictures?

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