If you like a story like de's The attack of the giants, manga published by Hajime Isayama from 2009 to 2021, you have to be very careful. WIT Studio dealt with this for several years before ceding the baton to Studio MAPPA, which instead deals with the latter part of the story with Season 4, which is divided into three parts.

Of course, before the anime production started, the studio started talking to the writer to understand how he wanted the adaptation. In one of the first interviews, the author of Attack of the Giants made a specific request to the employees of WIT Studio.

Hajime Isayama reveals it during the Anime NYC that took place in the United States of America in the last few days. During Mass, he confirms that he did asked the WIT staff to design the three-dimensional maneuvering device appropriately. "One example I'm thinking of is when Attack on Titan became an anime. When they introduced the 3D maneuvering device, I wanted the design to be improved when it becomes an anime. That was a request I made to the team directed the anime that was working on it."

However, all the same Isayama reveals he was disappointed with his choice afterwards: "Later I realized that I had made a very difficult request and then I was disappointed." Basically, the author thought he overwhelmed the anime team and overloaded them with useless requests, but WIT Studio's performance was certainly excellent.

During the same fair, the author of The Attack of the Giants revealed more information about his journey. For example, do you know who Isayama's favorite character is?

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