Size does not always express power. Sometimes it's the average characters who manage to unleash extraordinary power, but that doesn't mean the physicist doesn't play his part. In the various animes and manga there are many characters, especially bad ones, who go beyond the classic human dimension, as seen in Dragon Ball and ONE PIECE.

And among the main enemies of the most famous manga and anime, let's see which are the highest. Let's start with the absolute shonen, Dragon Ball he has Broly is 2.74 meters tall, Majin Buu at 2.87 meters and King Cold over 3 meters. Outstanding measurements, exceeding those of other purebred shonen such as Naruto, Bleach and Hunter x Hunter. In fact, in these three there are few antagonists of weight, or rather height: in Bleach there is Yammi who reaches 230 centimeters, in Hunter x Hunter there is Uborghin at 258 centimeters, while Naruto rely on Kisame Hoshigaki's mere 195 centimeters can .

Among the main shonen, Obviously ONE PIECE is calling the shots with some of the biggest: To name a few, there is Doflamingo with 3 meters, Gecko Moria, which reaches 7.3 meters, and then the two emperors Kaido and Big Mom, 7.10 and 8.80 meters tall respectively.

But nobody can defeat the giants of The Attack of the Giants: Among the Nine Giants of the series there is the Colossal Giant, which alone reaches a good 50 meters in height, not to mention the founding giant with its full effective power even over 100 meters.

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