After Amado revealed his past, or at least part of it, to Naruto, the scientist asked the Hokage an important question. In order to prevent Boruto from succumbing to the Momoshiki-imposed otsutsuificazione process, a path could be taken. IS Boruto: Naruto, the Next Generations Chapter 58 puts an emphasis on the question.

The new chapter of the manga has arrived on MangaPlus and has started with Naruto discusses pills with Boruto. The protagonist is aware of the process initiated by Momoshiki and is now faced with these pills offered by Amado, of which, however, not much is known. Neither the side effects nor the potential benefits are really defined and therefore there are great risks involved in taking these risks.

After seeing that they don't seem to have a particular smell, Boruto decides to have one right awayto upset the father. But the young ninja responds to his father's reaction by saying not only that he made a decision about the situation some time ago, and that he is therefore aware of what he did, but that by all means, everyone Pros and cons of the pills are not well known and cannot be postponed as the side effects are not discovered until they are used.

Boruto therefore seems determined to go that route, while Kawaki would have preferred the confrontation with code. Did the boy choose the right path?

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