A war does not end without losses. We have already seen some more or less important exits on both sides, but we are only in the middle of this long phase. The current battle of My hero academia In fact, it will take a while longer while Shigaraki is still standing.

Shota Aizawa, on the other hand, was the one who risked metaphorically and literally losing his footing. The professor of Yuei, as he is known today, is endowed with a power capable of undoing the quirks of others. It is for this reason that Shigaraki has been kept at bay so far, but that made Eraserhead the first target the enemy eliminated.

At the end of My Hero Academia 281, Shigaraki decided to use one of the anti-quirk bullets to hit the professor. As we see in My Hero Academia 282With a little difficulty, this attack hits and the bullet hits Aizawa's left leg. This is hit with so much force that it breaks, but even before the serum can take effect, the professor decides to try everything and he amputated his leg with a clean cut.

However, its peculiarity seems to have remained intact Shigaraki almost manages to kill him with another blow. Fortunately, thanks to a last minute intervention from Todoroki, this is not signed. Now that Aizawa is weakened by the gesture, will Aizawa be able to handle the rest of the fight? And most importantly, it will be back in business, or we have to say Farewell to the hero Eraserhead after this battle? My Hero Academia 283 will arrive next Sunday.

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