For several years now, Eiichiro Oda has confirmed that the end of ONE PIECE is near. Given the rhythms of the mangaka's publication and narration, as well as the time that has already passed, this "neighbor" is certainly very relative. The fact remains that very little is missing End the pirate saga published in Weekly Shonen Jump for two decades.

Recently the Oda editor pointed out that the ONE PIECE manga will end in about five years, however It will also take a lot longer to finish the animewith Toei Animation, which could also choose to keep increasing the number of episodes with additional stories and other branding adjustments, similar to what happened with the ending of Naruto: Shippuden.

In the meantime, all the knots are coming to a head and to get even more attention at the ONE PIECE finale, user Vivek Murmu decided to devote himself to creating one AMV on ONE PIECE. The anime music videos that were in vogue a few years ago are still an integral part of the anime and manga culture. You can see them above Video for the finale of ONE PIECEto understand some of the key scenes of the work and focus on specific characters. Everything supported by excellent video and audio editing. Are you ready for the ONE PIECE finale?

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