In the July issue of the magazine Princess from the publisher Akita Shoten it was revealed that Mizue Odawara (Hana wa Docchi da?) will launch a new manga titled Usoyomi to Gishoku no Oujo, in the next edition of the magazine, on July 6. The first chapter of this new serialization will have a total of 50 pages, including color pages. The author also published an illustration for this new series.

According to the official description, the story will be a romance with schemes based on the imperial court. The manga will take place in the Ryuukyuu Kingdom, where there is a revenge plan to assassinate the princess and invade the Court. However, the princess has a partner and a substitute, who is a man.

Odawa is also the author of the manga Hana wa Docchi da?, which publishes on the website KoiYui from the publisher Futabasha since 2018. The publisher published the fourth compilation volume on April 16.

Synopsis of Hana wa Docchi da?

Hana Kisugi is a listless 28-year-old office worker who has no luck in love or at work. However, one day he falls down the stairs and, when he wakes up, discovers that he is in the body of a 17-year-old student named Hana Yamada. Confused, she ends up living the life of a high school girl in the bedroom where the original Hana Yamada lived. There, surrounded by her classmates and the person in charge Haruki, she will have no problem falling in love with the boys around her, but you shouldn't fall in love while owning someone else's room, right?

Source: ANN

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