Volume 33 of The Attack of the Giants is finally available in Japan as the manga completes Kodansha produced a commercial with the participation of Yuki Kaji, Voice actor for Eren Jaeger. The video is only 30 seconds long, but we're assuming it contains some scenes that have not yet been shown in the anime series.

The clip shows some clips from Eren's life, with the voice actor in the background uttering some of the iconic sentences that made the protagonist famous, such as: "I swear I'll exterminate all the giants! I'll kill them all ... one by one!""In response to one of the fan comments on Twitter, Kaji stated that"The time for graduation has finally come" is this He was so excited during the commercial that he was shaking.

Volume 33 is now available in Japan, while the final volume will be released on June 9, 2021, exactly two months after the final chapter was published. In Italy, sales are well advanced 31 volumes published and the thirty-second in the home straight.

As for the anime, the final season airs on the last weekend of March, about two weeks before the final chapter is released. Season 4 is not intended to adapt Isayama's entire story, however, and It is likely that new episodes or a definitive film will be released during 2022.

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