Spy x family, even before becoming an anime, he had enormous success in the rising sun, thanks to a manga that is as funny as it is original. However, with the television adaptation, the franchise's popularity skyrocketed, conquering the top social trends and top positions on the topic charts.

The production seems to have carefully planned the implementation of Spy x Family, both on the graphic front with the excellent rendering of facial expressions, and the long-term ones. A new rumor leaked on the web actually anticipates the plans WIT Studio and Studio Cloverworks for the anime of the manga by Tatsuya Endo.

comic, a well-known industry insider, recently revealed a very interesting rumor about the future of the TV series. Specifically, the insider should have found out Spy x Family will be fully suitableprobably in the same formula of The Attack of the Giants 4 with a division into parts and into 'Split Cour'. It would be a long-term project, the second is expected in the fall season. That way the manga would have the time to move forward with the story and studies instead of working on the adaptation.

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