The Japanese publisher Shogakukan just announced the winners of the sixty-sixth edition of the prestigious Shogakukan Manga Awards, which won two mangas in the Shonen category: Chainsaw man by Tatsuki Fujimoto e Karakai jozu no Takagi-san by Soichiro Yamamoto. Below you can read the names of all winners by category.

Best manga for kids

  • Duel Master by Shigenobu Matsumoto
  • Chocolat no Mahou by Rin Mizuho

Millet Manga Shonen

  • Karakai jozu no Takagi-san by Soichiro Yamamoto
  • Burning kabaddi by Hajime Musashino
  • Chainsaw man by Tatsuki Fujimoto

Best shojo manga

  • Kuzu to Kemomimi (Scrap and animal ears) by Shippo Sugi
  • Yuzuki-sanchi no Yon Kyoudai (The four brothers of the Yuzuki household) by Shizuki Fujisawa
  • Koi or Shiranai Boku-tachi wa (We who know nothing about love) by Minami Mizuno

General manga millet

  • The destruction of the dead demon by Inio Asano
  • Promise Cindarella by Oreko Tachibana
  • Hakozume: Kōban Joshi no Gyakushou (Hakozome: Counter-attack by a police box) by Miko Yasu

As you may have noticed, Shogakukan has given out more than one manga per category, not a novelty considering that even in 2019 the crown for the best general manga rested on the minds of Kaguya-sama: Love is War and Aoashi.

Chainsaw Man therefore receives another award after the prestigious first place at the Kono Manga Ga Sugoi Awards 2020. This is excellent news for Tatsuki Fujimoto who will be back to work on the second part of the work soon pending the release of the anime adaptation by MAPPA.

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