The superhero theme has been used a lot in Japan lately, thanks to both the explosion of the MCU and the success of a manga like My Hero Academia. However, there are those who choose to use this trope differently: the author Negi Haruba, already famous for The Quintessential Quintuplets, came into being Disqualified - Ranger rejection.

Her manga has been published in Shonen Magazine for several years and despite some interruptions, she managed to get a lot of input from the public and for that an anime for Disqualified - Ranger Reject has been announced. Announced a few months ago, the first more juicy information is now coming from the production.

In the last few days, an official website has been opened and despite some leaks, the first trailer of Disqualified - Ranger Reject. The video above shows a very peculiar situation where the superhero theme is revisited in a different sauce by Negi Haruba. In fact, the protagonist decides to take a different path than expected.

Besides, there is one more Ranger reject key visual visible below with the double face of the protagonist Q. Will you follow this new story of Negi Haruba, very different from the previous one?

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