Stussy's intervention wasn't enough, Egghead is still in chaos and the situation doesn't seem to be improving all that much. As the crew prepares to escape, Vegapunk appears to have vanished from the lab entirely, and now it's a race to find him so he can escape. But the Navy and the world government are getting dangerously close.

Are these dangers concrete? The ONE-PIECE 1074 spoiler leaked on the web, they tell of a conflict that has not yet taken place between the two sides, although the situation is escalating and could lead to numerous additional pitfalls.

  • The Chapter 1074 of ONE PIECE is titled "Mark 3";
  • The title refers to the 50 units of new Pacifistas released by Sentomaru to help the Straw Hat Pirates and Vegapunks escape Egghead;
  • Luffy and Zoro stay behind while everyone else searches for Dr. looking for vegapunk;
  • Bonney is in some kind of memory world and here he sees young Kuma Bartholomew being beaten;
  • Somewhere else, Bibi is with the Morgans and Wapol;
  • Morgans wants to write an article explaining that the Straw Hat Pirates kidnapped Vegapunk;
  • There's a traitor in Eggheadthe same as in Chapter 1071 of ONE PIECE;
  • Now he seems to have thwarted the group of protagonists once again after disabling the lab's defense system, although it hasn't been said exactly how;

The identity of the traitor has not been revealed, but he will surely be a central character in the next phase considering that the protagonists' escape is drawing ever closer.

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