In 2020, Key and Visual Arts launched the Prima Doll multimedia project, which includes characters, novels, and short stories produced by Kotobukiya to date. In the coming weeks, the franchise will be relaunched with an anime series and two manga adaptations.

On the official website, a Teaser trailer of the anime Prima Doll. The series debuts on Japanese TV channels on July 8th. The release date was accompanied by soundtrack information. The opening theme song, "Tin Toy Melody," will be performed by Chat Noir, a musical group made up of the anime series' five main voice actresses. The release is accompanied by the debut of My Master Has no Tail.

The anime's cast includes Azumi Waki ​​as Haizakura, Tomori Kunusoki as Karasuba, and Miyu Tomita as Gekka, among others. The series is on Produced at Bibury Animation Studio with Tensho as director. Toya Okano and KAI are writing and composing the series, while Akane Tano is designing the characters and directing the animation.

The project focuses on some autonomous mechanical dolls working for Kuronekotei, a café in the imperial capital. However, these were vending machines originally made for war purposes for a war that ended years ago. The anime Call of the Night also starts in July.

The franchise will have two different manga adaptations, which do not yet have an exit window. The first is entitled Prima Doll New Order, illustrated by Yuriko Asami and distributed under the Kadokawa Comic Dengeki G label. The second, Prima Doll ~Yōkoso Kuronekotei e~, will be published on the Comic Bushiroad website instead and illustrated by Daiko Toda.

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