It was officially announced on its website that theAnime adaptation of Call of the Night will debut during the summer season. Here is the teaser trailer and details of the series from the manga written by Kotoyama.

After the very first trailer of Call of the Night, the adaptation gets an official release date. The premiere is planned 7th of July at the Japanese broadcaster Fuji TV. In addition, a new trailer was shared, revealing new juicy details. there opening theme, "Datenshi" (Fallen Angel), is performed by the Creepy Nuts group, which is also responsible for the ending of "Call of the Night". To the Cast of voice actorswill be joined by Kensho Ono in the role of Mahiru Seki, Hiroyuki Yoshino in the role of Akihito Akiyama, and Yoko Hikasa in the role of Kiyosumi Hirakawa.

The production of the film is entrusted LIDEN FILMS, the same animation studio as My Master Has no Tail. Tomoyuki Itamura has been appointed to direct, with Tetsuya Miyanishi as executive director. Michiko Yokote is writing the scripts, while Haruka Sagawa is responsible for the character designs of the protagonists.

Young Kou Yamori is a boy who goes for a lonely walk at night. He meets Nanakusa, who invites him to her home. When the two end up in the same bed, the boy learns the truth about the new friend: Nanakusa is a bloodthirsty vampire. The Call of the Night manga recently debuted with J-POP manga while in Japan serialization started in 2019.

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