After years of silence, Ichigo Kurosaki has been relaunched in anime as well. Bleach's nostalgic return with the Thousand Years' War anime is one of the most anticipated on the entire Japanese animation panorama, with hordes of fans from around the world waiting to be discovered how the final story arc is handled.

Studio Pierrot has been working on the project for several years Bleach: Thousand Years of Blood War, with director Tomohiro Taguchi pleased with her work. However, a direction worthy of the name is not enough, it will also be necessary to work well on the animations. And from this point of view, Studio Pierrot has secured a very important name.

According to a report posted on Twitter Animator Hiroyuki Yamashita has joined the anime Bleach: Thousand Year Blood War. It will cover a few episodes, but it hasn't said which ones. But who is Hiroyuki Yamashita? His name is closely linked to that of Naruto, another project that Studio Pierrot has been making for years. The artist has covered some of the most iconic episodes of Naruto: Shippuden, such as the clash between Kakashi and Obito, the fight between Tobi and Konan, Madara Uchiha's attack on the Ninja Alliance, and more.

All the struggles that remained impresses in the memory of fans for its quality and fluidityas well as for the impact they had on the screen.

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