Planet Manga, announced last August the Icons Black Gold Collection, a limited edition card collection dedicated to the Modenese publisher's most famous manga series. After the first two cards, the Alita and BLAME! arrives the one of the month of October that sees the attack of the giants as protagonists.

The new planet manga initiative is only aimed at a collector audience, even considering the way the cards were obtained: an effort of at least €75 in the Panini online shop, where at least one Planet Manga product must be available. The collectible will then be added to the order as a gift. A different card is sent out each month and it's October's turn The attack of the giants.

The series of Hajime Isayama is undoubtedly one of Planet Manga's biggest hits and is therefore rightfully included in the Icons Black Gold Collection. As you can see in the image at the end of this news, the Attack of the Giants card shows the cover of Volume 1 of the work, next to which is inserted the golden recon body symbol.

Given the popularity Attack of the Giants has received in recent years, Planet Manga can expect many orders to get the new map Icon black and gold collection. And you, are you taking the October card from Attack of the Giants?
We leave you with the planet manga releases on preview 372.

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