For the uninitiated, Kochikame is the second longest-running manga of all time. Until 2019, the series stood out in first place until Golgo 13, currently still in serialization, officially separated them. But how far will it go instead? ONE PIECE?

With nearly 1080 published chapters, is the masterpiece of Eiichiro Oda are among the longest-running manga in the Japanese comic scene. Of course, the series is nearing completion, but it's not easy to say when the work will end. In any case, the sensei paused in 2000 to talk precisely about the length of his manga should not exceed that of Kcchikame:

"Fans often encourage me: "Longer than Kochikame serially (122 volumes in 2000)". But the truth is that for me it's an impossible thing."

Today, at the current pace of storytelling, it is more than reasonable to expect that Oda Sensei will exceed 120 volumes, contrary to what he himself expected in the past. But how and when do you think ONE PIECE will end? Let us know with a comment below.

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