Eiichiro Oda from ONE PIECE and the other mangakas publish their chapters weekly in Weekly Shonen Jump. Due to the short amount of time they have, they may make mistakes or not use a table setup appropriate to the situation. But these chapters are then collected into tankobons that are published in the comic store.

In passage, the chapter published in the journal does not necessarily remain identical to its counterpart in the booklet. In fact, there may be times when the author decides to make corrections or change something, whether because of an error or to bring more clarity to a scene. Obviously it happens also to ONE PIECE mangaka to make mistakes or distractionsas seen in Volume 103.

In addition to the Volume 103 SBS, some readers have noticed a small but important difference in one chapter of the manga. The fifth gear is present on the cover but also in the chapters and it is precisely this new technique that has undergone a change: in the chapter published on Weekly Shonen Jump, Luffy appears to pierce Kaido's head. Instead, thanks to the awakening, he turns it into rubber and for that the comic scene is created. In fact, in volume, the color of the arm changes and becomes black, like the back of Kaido's head.

A small correction, but in view of this, it changes the situation significantly Luffy no longer pierces Kaido's skull but it changes it to gum.

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