The beautiful animations of the characters created by Studio Ghibli over the years they have captured a fanbase dreamer and lover of the wonders created by the animation studio. One of the most unconventional moments for fans, it will seem strange to say, is the cooking of bacon and eggs in Miyazaki's film Howl's Moving Castle.

Many fans and numerous restaurants over the years have wanted to pay homage to the Ghibli through culinary creations that recall those of the films, and among these is the inevitable bacon and egg breakfast cooked in the secret house of the magician Howl just from the latter. The magician takes a pan and cooks on Calcifer, demon of the flame, to cheer up Sophie, who has become an elderly woman because of a curse, making a delicious dish.

This scene is highly appreciated by fans precisely because it represents one of the cardinal principles of Studio Ghibli, namely that of blending the banal with magic. Soranews24 wanted to share the recipe with fans to get the same result as the film, explaining all the steps for those not familiar with the kitchen. The end result, as you can see from the source, is incredibly similar to the original.

When in 2022 the Ghibli theme park will open we will probably have the opportunity to taste all these delicious foods. In the meantime, the first incredible photos of the Ghibli amusement park have been shown, we recommend you take a look.

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