The double editions that Weekly Shonen Jump prepares for the breaks have a special feature: instead of dedicating the cover to a single series, they contain all the main characters of the series in the magazine. So let's see ONE PIECE, My Hero Academia, Black Clover and their protagonists at the same time.

And usually Weekly Shonen Jump commissions thematic illustrations. Sometimes the protagonists are all ready for the sea in yukata or swimsuits, sometimes we see them in winter clothes and ready to go skiing. The double issue No. 21-22 of Weekly Shonen Jump, which will be available in Japan from Monday, April 26, 2021, is all about the topic Reinterpretation of some Japanese and Western fantasy classics.

As seen on the cover below, the protagonists of Weekly Shonen Jump have been forced into a crossover, with Luffy becoming Aladdin, Yuji Itadori who plays the role of King Arthur, and many others. The protagonists of ONE PIECE, My Hero Academia and Jujutsu Kaisen immediately catch the eye Which are the magazine's three most successful mangas? behind it are the second lines with Black Clover, Dr. Stone, Undead Unluck, Mashle and Mission: Yozakura Family. Finally, there are all of the other mangas that were published in Weekly Shonen Jump, including the new Blue Box and Candy Flurry.

The individual images are provided by Shueisha in two lots for sale, the listings being available in the tweet below. After this issue, the magazine and its manga will be covered Break for the golden week.

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