The Tobi Roppo have been defeated by our Mugiwaras for several chapters and with Sanji and Zoro's latest victories against Queen and King there are very few opponents left. The Mugiwara seem to be in their favor right now, but there are some gigantic obstacles to overcome like the ONE PIECE Emperors.

ONE PIECE 1036, finally available on the site and on the application of Manga Plus, begins with the confirmation of Defeat of the king by Zoro The latter returns to Onigashima thanks to a flying blow, while Kaido's general falls unconscious in the direction of Wano. Let's see some other glimpses of King and Kaido's youth, contrary to Zoro's promise to Luffy never to be defeated again. The number two of these ONE PIECE crews seem to be very similar.

We see in some short vignettes Big Mom is still fighting Trafalgar Law and Eustass Kid, Momonosuke is still trying to manage the clouds of fire to save Onigashima from collapse and the fire spirit that summoned Kanjuro to approach Kaido's paraphernalia.

in the meantime Yamato reaches the Arsenal gates and asks the number Fuga to get rid of the number Rokki, who is on guard. Usopp tries instead, Kin'emon and Kiku. To defend, with the two asking to be left there and save the other, but Usopp repeats that they should stop trying to die at all costs. Izo intervenes and appreciates Usop's words, saving him and the other two dying samurai. The sniper succeeds in picking up the two allies and escaping on Hamlet's back.

Raizo and Fukurokuju They are still fighting: one holds the other closed while a fire spreads across the room. Neither of them want to give up, but Raizo starts catching fire. We move into the room of Orochi, who was accompanied by Komurasaki. is.

But let's see in the meantime Apoo escapes, leaves the number Zanki and X-Drake on the ground, defeated by the CP0, while in the various cartoons all characters remaining in Onigashima are shown in action. Further up on the island the massive confrontation between Luffy and Kaido. The two laugh and admit that they enjoy it.

The chapter ends. We remind you that you can read the final chapters of ONE PIECE on Manga Plus.

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