Chapter 169 of Jujutsu Kaisen, available on the website and at the request of Manga Plus, shows us the struggle between the flamboyant Takaba and Hazenoki that began in chapter 168 of Jujutsu Kaisen and ended with the victory of the first.

Chapter 170 instead focuses on the conflict between Fushiguro and Reggie. The fight begins with Megumi summoning an elephant, Reggie responding with other incantations, mainly a fishing net and knives. Reggie's cursed tech is "Create new contracts". That is, it is capable of Conjure up things he bought with receipts. He immediately uses a receipt from a 3-day stay in a 5-star hotel, which immediately brings him back to his strength.

He is convinced that this gives him a distinct advantage over Fushiguro who must surely be tired after using so many shikigamis at once. Fushiguro thinks he is already used to summoning multiple shikigamis, but usually he uses the elephant himself, so he gets tired of using it with the rabbits.

Reggie also found out that he can't remember a shikigami that took too much damage, which is why he no longer uses the dog. Fushiguro takes the opportunity, thanks to Nue. to fly away. Reggie responds by calling in flying drones to chase him through the air and a motorcycle to chase him off the ground. With the drone cameras, Reggie follows Fushiguro into a gym.

Once inside, Reggie mocks him that most wizards are big liars, and later two trucks destroy the wall and almost run over Fushiguro. Reggie then attacks with plant pots, knives, and even a radish. Fushiguro finds himself on the floor and Reggie asks him if he doesn't want to give up the points again. However, Fushiguro surprises Reggie by using the domain extension and completely surrounding it.

Currently, the franchise has hit theaters with the film Jujutsu Kaisen 0, which has passed the 5 billion mark.

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