Digimon 2020 presses the accelerator? The first Super DigiEvolution is coming

Digimon Adventure 2020 is back after the franchise completed its first cycle of original DigiChosen stories thanks to the Digimon Adventure Last Evolution film Kizuna, due out in Japan in early 2020. Now Tai and the others are kids again with a new graphic design and an entirely new story.

Digimon Adventure 2020 will consist of 66 episodes, a very large number that already reveals a large amount of journeys and adventures to be experienced in the company of these digital creatures. Tyrannomon recently arrived to put a spoke in the steering wheel for the protagonist, but behind him you can obviously see the presence of Devimon, who will be the main enemy of the first saga. However, deal with it It may take longer than the DigiEvolution trial.

The anime by Digimon Adventure 2020 may have speeded up the story a lot as shown in the preview of the tenth episode. In the video above, we still see MetalTyrannomone at the center of the clashes, but Greymon and Tai aren't giving up. In the end, something happens to Greymon who seems to be evolving. We will already see ten episodes from the beginning of the anime MetalGreymon debut? Keep in mind that unlike the 1999 series, these new Digi-Chosen already have their designated lockets.

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