We have always known that for heroes, a quirk alone is often not enough to be strong, but often requires equipment that deserves the name. In My Hero Academia 339, finally available on the website and at the request of Manga Plus, Midoriya and Iida turn to Mei Hatsume for this very reason.

After the bracket of Aoyama's betrayal in the final chapters of My Hero Academia, Deku went to the support area to get some upgrades for his equipment and was met by a 'explosive Mei Hatsume. My Hero Academia 339 continues with the last page of chapter 338 and shows us the world of hero engineers in more detail.

However, in this new study by Mei Hatsume, Deku and Iida received negative responses to their inquiries. There is also a lack of material and time. Hatsume is continuously working on the Yuei Barrier and its upgrades.

It seems we won't see Deku's final costume in My Hero Academia for now. The student, with the dedication she puts into building the barrier, proves to be both a hero and a professional hero fight in the field.

However, the inventor gives Midoriya a pair of gloves that hit him in the face. It is also said that they failed to replicate all of the features, but they applied that Mid gauntlets technology to some items they already had. Iida is also given a glove and Mei tells both of them that they have to win. They can also be seen in the finale of My Hero Academia 339 Tamaki and Nejire, in the city to save civilians.

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