Exactly 23 years ago, what would become a myth made its debut on the pages of Weekly Shonen Jump. On September 21, 1999 in the legendary Shueisha weekly the first chapter of Naruto. Let's retrace the origins of Masashi Kishimoto's legendary manga series.

The manga from Naruto is celebrating his 23rd birthday today. The myth of Naruto Uzumaki has inspired millions of people and contributed to the lives of countless fans, like that of NBA star Zion Williamson.

To this day, Naruto's adventure continues, but in Boruto: Naruto the Next Generations, a sequel in which the protagonist is now an adult, with a dependent family, and has fulfilled his big dream to become Hokage. But how did Naruto's story begin?

In the first chapter of Naruto entitled "Naruto Uzumaki" the author takes us to get acquainted with him Myth of the nine-tailed fox and from Leaf Village, where a little boy used to annoy the other residents with his pranks. This blonde kid is Naruto, an orphan of both parents and a disaster at the ninja academy.

Already on the first pages of the work, Naruto shares with the readers his dream: that of become Hokage. And by the end of the first chapter, by harnessing a forbidden jutsu, he's already showing that it's not just words and that his ninja faith will take him very far. And you know the series through the pages of the manga or by watching the episodes of the anime? This year, the Naruto adaptation turns 20 years old instead.

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