In the last story arc of My hero academia Deku has proven that he has become a true hero who can be relied on. However, the terrible fight with Shigaraki left him exhausted and he is currently unconscious in the hospital due to the serious injuries he has sustained. Will his father save him?

During the clash between Pro Heroes and the Supernatural Liberation Front, Midoriya took care of the anger of the villain leader who is slowly taking more Trust with the one for all and its dark secrets. Despite his immense power, the fight with Tomura Shigaraki has done him damage that at the moment seems irreversible. As his friends gradually emerge from recovery, Izuku doesn't seem to want to wake up from the coma he's fallen into.

This could be the ideal time for Kohei Horikoshi Midoriya's father debutthat has so far remained hidden in the shadows. We still know very little about Deku's father, such as the name Hisashi Midroiya and the peculiarity associated with the element of fire. But why did he never show up to support his son? And where is it?

According to what was revealed in the course of the work, Izuku's father works outside of Japan and it would cover such an important task that it absolutely would not allow him to go home. What if Hisashi Midoriya was a high profile pro hero in another country? Indeed, this could be a plausible explanation, and it wouldn't be the first time a hero has left Japan. All Might, for example, moved to the USA at the beginning of his career to be a true hero.

Furthermore, according to some theories, his marriage to Inko Midroiya would have broken up and this would have convinced him to stay away. However, given the state Deku is in, one would expect a good father to run to save his son. On the other hand, even Horikoshi himself admitted that one day Izuku's father will make his debut in My Hero Academia. However, more than two years have passed from these words. Here's everything we know about Midoriya's father in My Hero Academia.

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