Chi-Chi made her debut in the first series of Dragon ballwhen she was a child, she asked Goku to marry her in the future. Not knowing what a marriage was, the protagonist accepted it and during the 23rd Tenkaichi tournament was forced to keep the promise he had made in previous years. After becoming mother to a family, Chichi returns to fight in this fanart.

Although she has not fought in a while and her husband and two sons have reached unimaginable levels of fighting, it is best to stay away from her when chi-chi is getting angry. On Twitter, user Enonami shared one of his works, to which the daughter of the bull wizard is returning Practice martial arts as he did in his prime.

The illustration published by the artist sees Chichi in fighting stance while wearing the same outfit he wore during the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament. In Dragon Ball Super, we will hardly ever see her return to battle, as the protagonists have now come to compete with gods and angels.

Though he was scary during his TantrumsChi-Chi couldn't even hold up a candle to the other Z-fighters, who trained hard so as not to disfigure in front of the Saiyajins. And what do you think of this fan-made piece of art? Would you like to see a sparring game between Goku and his wife? A new official Dragon Ball Super Visual announces an upcoming event. Toei asked fans to choose the best Dragon Ball Super fight.

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