The heroes were cornered by some of the villains' moves, but for now the bets are still paying off. The course of the war changes and returns Blow in favor of the protagonists of My Hero Academiawith Deku vs. Shigaraki, which can be seen worldwide, gives everyone hope again.

However, the release of War is coming in spurts as Kohei Horikoshi hasn't seemed to be in perfect health for a few months. The mangaka surprisingly took two breaks in February and then two breaks in March. leave My Hero Academia readers excited. Breaks that hadn't been announced and therefore raised concerns about the state of the mangaka. At the moment, however, a new announcement is coming.

My Hero Academia is taking a surprise break this week. Chapter 385 on Manga Plus will not be released on Sunday April 9th ​​as expected. At the moment, the Weekly Shonen Jump leaks haven't provided any further information, but there's no doubt that Sensei Horikoshi's health condition has something to do with it this time as well. The manga will return regularly next week with the April 16 release and then pause the following week due to the arrival of Golden Week in Japan, which will completely halt Weekly Shonen Jump magazine and all manga published there.

The hope is that in these weeks Horikoshi can recover permanently, as it was littered with breaks in early 2023. ONE PIECE will also have a routine full of breaks next month.

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