According to statements made during the last Jump Festa, Kohei Horikoshi intends to close down My Hero Academia by the end of 2022. The epilogue of the manga series is therefore about less than 50 chapters, but this leads to several rhythm problems that the community complains about.

In December 2022, if everything goes according to the author's expectations, we will see the end of My Hero Academia. The final clash between One For All and All For One, as well as Pro Heroes and Villain, is now less than twelve months away, with an estimated 50 chapters remaining. However, this decision causes Horikoshi to accelerate the pace too much, arousing suspicion among readers.

Since entering the Final Act, the manga series has seen a sudden acceleration, a pace we were not used to. Indeed, a number of crucial events in rapid succession struck the fan base and even now with the clash between the two forces in the field temporarily suspended, it is impossible to catch your breath.

So far the manga has had a very balanced pace, a cadence that was destroyed by the attack on Shigaraki and the war that followed. That change has led fans to blame this final phase, which would degrade the story as a whole. According to most users, the war on the villain actually had to unravel during Izuku's high school career rather than culminating in his freshman year as a student of the Yuei.

At this point, however, it is already too late. By the end of chapter 339 of My Hero Academia, the forces of good are ready to face those of evil. We welcome you and leave the plans of the author of My Hero Academia.

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