After a troubled time, but without major threats, Kohei Horikoshi sparked the final act of My hero academy with one of the most intense and important battles in the entire work, resumed in chapter 332, which you can read on the website and in the Manga Plus application.

A quick flashback brings us back to Star & Stripe Days at the Military Academywhere she was viewed as a beast by her companions, who did not even have the courage to tell her directly, an incredibly powerful and dangerous monster. The scene then returns to the present, to the violent and spectacular confrontation the heroine has with Tomura Shigaraki, or at least a new and more dangerous version of the villain.

With the help of its team of pilots and the gigantic avatar, Star & Stripe works out a strategy that is precise to the second State of the art Hypersonic Intercontinental Cruise Punch causing an incredible shock wave. Despite the attack, which is probably the strongest in the entire series to date, this new Shigaraki manages to survive, albeit with pieces of skin and flesh completely burned.

Taking advantage of the local decay forces, the villain was able to hide, and now it is him directly towards the Pro Hero, visibly regenerates. The chapter ends with Shigaraki grabbing the face of Star & Stripe, obviously weakened by the superhuman efforts to kill him. Finally, we'll leave you with the various references to Star Wars and Jojo that appeared in the last chapter.

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