The catalog of MangaPlus is constantly being expanded, with numerous series making their debut recently. Alongside the hugely popular My Hero Academia, Dragon Ball Super, and ONE PIECE, Moebana, a one-of-a-kind manga series, also debuts.

A month after Stage S debuted, the digital platform of the Shueisha publishing house offers at least one specific work to the public. The MangaPlus catalog welcomes the first chapter of Moebanathe new manga series by Hidari Yokoyama.

That School life drama about the art of Ikebana, follows the story of high school student Tsukumo Fukasaka, a boy who is obsessed with a certain anime and tells the story of some humanoid characters based on flowers. He secretly loves watching the flower arrangements on display behind the school he attended, but one day he is spotted by a girl. This is the leader of the high school ikebana club who decides to recruit him. After some vicissitudes, Tsukumo accepts the proposal and, upon entering the club, gives shape to his first floral composition.

Unlike the more classic romcom You And I Are Polar Opposite, which is free to read on MangaPlus, this new series is based on a much more sophisticated concept. For those who don't know Ikebana is a Japanese practice with which they tend, cut and organize the flowers to create beautiful compositions in vases. After releasing several one-shots on Jump+, Yokoyama Hidari slams and surprises readers with a unique work.

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