The second part of Attack on Titan - The Final Season ended in early April 2022. The latest episodes have steered the narrative towards an ending that no one expected and that we will see in the next part of the anime, scheduled for the first months of 2023.

The Attack on Titan anime was represented at Anime Expo 2022 in the panel by Studio MAPPA, the producer of only the final season of the series. The first three seasons of Attack on Titan were actually produced by Wit Studiowho had adapted Hajime Isayama's manga with some criticism too much, especially for the use of CGI in the third season.

At the Studio MAPPA panel at Anime Expo 2022, the screenwriter of Attack on Titan - The Final Season Hiroshi Seko has given his opinion on the transition from Wit Studio to Studio MAPPA of the anime Attack on Titanexplained: "I believe that the transition from Wit to MAPPA was good and also meant a significant change in the way of working."Indeed, the change in animations and designs was really remarkable as we can see in @smooth leaks at the end of this message.

The Attack on Titan anime has also seen a radical change in aspect of the narrative in the final season. If in the first three seasons the whole story took place within the walls of Paradis Island, then in Attack on Titan - The Final Season Eren and his companions They faced their enemies by fighting them on the soil of the Marley continent, discovering the world they never got to see.

We leave you to the most controversial characters of Attack on Titan 4.

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