Weekly Shonen Jump offers many new manga that move between different genres every year. A very popular one is action comedy and lately there has been a dominion in this field pureeManga by Hajime Komoto, which has received an unequivocally positive response, to the point that it has also become an anime.

The anime Mashle: Magic and Muscles started in April, however, it should not be forgotten that the original work, the manga, on Weekly Shonen Jump is still ongoing. But how long will it take? Recent events have made the protagonists do this confront Innocent Zerothe father of Mash who has now become the definitive being thanks to the inclusion of all the abilities of his children, especially those of the protagonist of the series, which was the missing piece.

Despite the resistance, the boy's allies fell one by one, but managed to buy themselves enough time Allow Mash to get back into play. And now comes the final showdown between Mash and Innocent Zero. In this cross between Harry Potter and One-Punch Man, reimagined in a Shonen key, it seems the time has come for the final showdown.

Mashle could actually be heading for the final within weeks, with volume 16 requiring only a few more chapters. If this were the final point of the story, as the mangaka Hajime Komoto has not failed to confirm in the past, then the manga still has two or three weeks to three months left for publication.

And did you like Mashle, this bizarre comic manga with a protagonist stronger than magic itself?

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