The image of the summer releases of Yu-Gi-Oh! is becoming increasingly clear: After Konami discovered that Cyberstorm Access will be released in early May, Konami has revealed the first details of the next one Legendary Duelist Set titled "Soulburning Volcano" in English. Here's what we currently know about the expansion.

First the Soulburning Volcano release date has already been set by Konami and is August 10, 2023 in Europe and August 11, 2023 in the United States. In the Japanese OCG, however, the set will be released on May 27th under the title "Duelist Pack: Duelists of the Blast". As always, however, the card list Western will be slightly wider than its Japanese counterpart.

More precisely in the West Soulburning Volcano will have 56 different maps, against 45 in Duelists of Explosion set in Japan. We can therefore assume that 11 of the cards included in the expansion will be exclusive to the TCG, while the others will be reprints and import the OCG: at the moment, however, one card list Official western still not here.

Of those 56 cards, we know that 29 will be common, 10 will be rare, 8 will be super rare, and 9 will be ultra rare. Each pack also contains 5 cards. One card will be available as a Ghost Rare, although we don't know which one it is at the moment. However, as the set's name suggests, Soulburning Volcano will be based on the decks used in the anime by Alito, Axel Brodie, and Theodore Hamilton.

Therefore new support for topics like e.g Indomitable Boxer, Salamangreat and Vulcan, which will delight any player who wants to (re)start using a deck that focuses on these archetypes. Finally, Soulburning Volcano will also be the Yu-Gi-Oh! which, alongside the aforementioned Cyberstorm Access (coming in early May), will also include the nostalgia set Monstrous Revenge, due for release on June 23rd, and the three-piece set Wild Survivors, due out on June 1st instead .

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