Genshin Impact is currently the hottest free-to-play game and can count on millions of active players and fans who pay homage to the title characters with cosplay or fanart on a daily basis. A special program allowed fans to release some animated short films.

While the animation studio Ufotable is working on the adaptation of Genshin Impact, an anime that seems to be a prequel to the events of the game and that will feature a technical sector worthy of that of Demon Slayer, some Fans had the opportunity to create their own animated shorts on an ad hoc basis.

In the live stream toHoYo Fair 2023 Spring A number of fan-made clips have been aired, allowing fans to get an idea of ​​what theGenshin Impact anime once it's released.

The various "Spring Wonderland" short films focus on different things Genshin Impact Actor, like Cyno, Lumine or Raiden Shogun and about their adventures in Teyvat, the fantastic game world in which the Gatcha takes place.

While everyone is waiting for Ufotable to be adjusted, Genshin Impact players were recently entertained with the news of Update 3.6. In your opinion, the animated series will be as popular as thatOpen-world role-playing game developed by the Chinese software house MiHoYo?

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