there Manga piracy it is a phenomenon that we are certainly not discovering today, but which is leading to dramatic data recordings especially in this time characterized by the never-ending Covid-19 pandemic. In 2021, this illegal practice grew, according to reports from Yahoo! News Japan. The losses are catastrophic.

The Japanese portal recently published an article showing that the consumption of manga piracy has increased significantly in recent times. Due to quarantines and forced closings by Covid-19 have accumulated over large illegal websites 326 million monthly visits. This means for the editors and authors themselves Millions in losses.

The article highlighted that according to recent polls, the number of pirate sites posting manga without permission has increased dramatically. In addition, access to the three main pages is illegal Climbed 26 times compared to life before the pandemic.

Compared to the 12.5 million websites that existed last January, it is over 326 million today. The damage would be catastrophic. Losses are expected to be more than offset 700 billion yen.

The main website is important almost a billion total visits, and four major publishers, including Shueisha, helped shut it down. The association submitted an application to the court that led to the permanent closure.

We remind you once again that there is piracy an illegal practicethat harms authors and the entire publishing world. We remind you that Galko-chan was suspended due to the arrest of the mangaka that owned child pornographic material, and finally leave it in the School Library Journal's top 10 manga.

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