In the July issue of the magazine Flowers from the publisher Shogakukan, it was revealed that the manga written and illustrated by Taeko Watanabe, Kaze Hikaru, will have a new spin-off series in the January 2021 edition of the magazine, on November 28.

Kaze Hikaru

In this same edition the manga also came to an end with a 100-page chapter and a colored initial. The manga had already entered its plot climax in the month of October, and entered an indefinite pause from November until the publication of the final chapter.

Watanabe began publishing the manga in Shogakukan magazine Flowers magazine in 1997, and finished it in May 2020. The publisher published the forty-fourth compilation volume on February 26.

Synopsis of Kaze Hikaru

It's the year 1863, a time filled with social unrest, samurai warriors from all walks of life flock to Kyoto hoping to join the Mibu-Roshi, a band of warriors who swear eternal loyalty to the Shogunate system. In time, this group would become the largest (and infamous) revolutionary movement in the history of Japan ... the Shinsengumi!

Among this fierce means is Kamiya Seizaburo, a young warrior who, although he lacks combat experience, has a burning enthusiasm to help the Mibu-Roshi in their mission and thus avenge their family that was killed. One of the most talented (and immature) swordsmen in the group, the legendary Okita Soji, agrees to take Seizaburo under his tutelage.

But what no one suspects, much less Soji, is that Seizaburo is actually a girl named Tominaga Sei in disguise. Can she become a warrior while hiding her true identity?

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