In this year's 37th issue of the magazine flower from the publisher Shogakukan It has been announced that the manga will be written and illustrated by Miki Aihara, 5-ji kara 9-ji made, will have a spin-off starting with the next issue of the magazine on September 11th. The manga is titled Orite Hidari Elevator: Five to nine next door and will focus on the new 28 year old landlord in a shared apartment building. The instruction did not specify whether the manga will be a serialization or a one-shot.

On the other hand, Aihara published the original manga in the magazine Cheese! from the publisher Shogakukan As of January 2010, after it was published as a one-shot in 2009 and finally published in March 2020. The publisher published the 16th and last compiled volume on April 24th. The work inspired an adaptation of a live-action series released in 2015.

Synopsis made of 5-ji kara 9-ji

The focus of the manga is Junko Sakuraba, a 27-year-old teacher at an English school who has no partner. Her parents arrange a marriage interview for her with a man who happens to be a Buddhist monk.

However, Junko has no intention of becoming a wife and living in a temple, which is why she declines the interview. Soon the man her parents chose will become one of her students.

Source: ANN

ยฉ ่‘— ๅŽŸ ๅฎŸ ่‘— (่‘—) / SHOGAKUKAN ๅฐๅญฆ ้คจ ใ‚ต ใƒผ ใƒผ ใƒ“


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