Kanojo mo Kanojo (Girlfriend, Girlfriend) Manga Finale: Love Triangles and Unexpected Twists! After more than three years of continuous serialization, the final chapter of this manga written and illustrated by Hiroyuki has been published in the latest issue of Weekly Shonen Magazine. It's the end of an era!

Now, here's the interesting part: the manga concludes with a harem ending, just as the author had hinted at years ago. In an interview back in August 2021, Hiroyuki mentioned how he came up with the concept for the story.

He said, "I wasn't specifically inspired by anything, but during a meeting with my editor, when I proposed this story, he mentioned that in Gotoubun no Hanayome, only one girl is chosen. As we talked about how bad we felt for the girls who weren't chosen, we wondered what it would be like to write a story where they all win.

I imagine it would be difficult, but it could also be fun. I started writing this series because I wanted to explore that concept through manga".

Kanojo mo Kanojo

And guess what? That's exactly what happened! Kanojo mo Kanojo became a manga where all four main girls come out on top. In fact, the protagonist himself tells us what happens to each of them after some time in this multiple relationship. Let's take a peek:

  • Mirika lost a significant number of subscribers due to a live stream she did. But hey, she still has plenty of loyal fans who stuck around for her content. She continues making videos and working towards reaching that one million mark. And by the way, she's still sleeping in her tent in the backyard.

  • Saki-chan is working hard to pursue her own dream. She frequently collaborates with Mirika-san, and their discussions are super popular, benefiting both of them. It's great to see them supporting each other and thriving in their endeavors.

  • Minase-san is practicing to get into a culinary school. Now that she's set on her future and seeing everyone enjoy her cooking, both sides motivate each other. It's fantastic to witness the progress and growth of this aspiring chef.

  • Shino-san, with her vast knowledge, helps everyone out. She's always there to assist with studying, and, well, she can get a bit perverted at times. But hey, who doesn't have their quirks, right?

Now, here comes the unexpected twist. The protagonist's parents finally make an appearance and strongly object to their son dating four girls at the same time, effectively closing the franchise forever. Talk about a bombshell! Who would have thought their disapproval would be the ultimate end?

Hiroyuki began publishing the manga in March 2020 through Weekly Shonen Magazine, published by Kodansha. The series concluded in May 2023. It even inspired a 12-episode anime adaptation produced by Tezuka Productions, directed by Satoshi Kuwahara and written by Keiichirou Oochi.

The anime aired during the Summer 2021 season (July-September). And guess what? A second season is currently in production!

Synopsis of Kanojo mo Kanojo

For those who haven't dived into the world of Kanojo mo Kanojo, here's a quick synopsis. Naoya Mukai, after harboring unrequited love for several years, finally scores a date with his childhood friend, Saki Saki. But just as he tries to commit to this relationship, he receives a sudden confession from Nagisa Minase. Initially, Naoya attempts to reject her, but he's overwhelmed by the fear of hurting her.

In an effort to avoid betraying his girlfriend's trust, Naoya comes up with a "solution" to make both girls happy: dating both of them. Naturally, Saki rejects the idea, but with Naoya and Nagisa's persistence, she eventually agrees. And so, a three-person romance begins, defying social norms from the very start.


Well, it's been quite a journey with Kanojo mo Kanojo. From love triangles to unexpected twists, this manga has kept us on our toes. Remember to keep an eye out for the second season of the anime adaptation, and who knows, maybe there will be more surprises in store for us!

Source: Comic Natalie.

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