A press release has just dropped announcing the production of a brand new anime called "Pon no Michi" (The Way of Pon). And guess what? It's going to premiere in Japan in January 2024! How great is that?

But wait, there's more! The press release spilled the beans on the voice cast and production team, and guess who's involved? It's none other than Negi Haruba, the talented author behind "Gotoubun no Hanayome" (The Quintessential Quintuplets). Talk about a big name!

Voice cast

Let me introduce you to the voice cast. We've got Kaori Maeda as Nashiko Jippensha, Iori Saeki as Pai Kawahigashi, Shion Wakayama as Izumi Tokutomi, and Yui Kondou as Richie Hayashi. These talented individuals are going to bring the characters to life with their voices.

  • Kaori Maeda as Nashiko Jippensha.
  • iori saeki as Pai Kawahigashi.
  • Shion Wakayama as Izumi Tokutomi.
  • Yui Kondou as Richie Hayashi.

Production team

Now, let's talk about the production team.

  • Tatsuma Minamikawa, known for their work on "Fire Force" and "Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry," is taking on the role of director for the anime at OLM studios.
  • Negi Haruba is in charge of character design, and Kenji Outa is adapting those designs into animation.
  • The scriptwriting and supervision duties fall to IIS-P.
  • The soundtrack composition is handled by Yuuko Takahashi, Takuma Sogi, Hisakuni, Rico Ohashi, Kanji Eguchi, and Shari.

Pon no Michi Synopsis

So, what's "Pon no Michi" all about? The story takes place in the charming city of Onomichi, located in Hiroshima prefecture. Our protagonist is Nashiko Jippensha, a high school student who has been kicked out of her home. Poor Nashiko! But don't worry, things take an interesting turn. She discovers that her father's mahjong parlor is sitting empty, just waiting for some life to be breathed into it.

Nashiko decides to fix up the mahjong parlor and turn it into a fun-filled space where she and her friends can hang out, cook, have tea parties, and, of course, occasionally play mahjong. It's all about creating a place to call their own, where they can enjoy each other's company and make the most of their time together.

The anime is set in the city of Onomichi, in Hiroshima Prefecture, where a high school student, Nashiko Jippensha, has been kicked out of her home. With no place to play with her friends, she learns that the mahjong parlor her father ran is empty. She fixes up the mahjong room and turns it into a place where she and her friends can have fun, cook, have tea, and sometimes play mahjong.


Don't know any about you, but I'm super excited for the release of "Pon no Michi"! It sounds like it's going to be a heartwarming and delightful anime, filled with friendship and adventure. We can't wait to see how Nashiko and her friends bring life back to that mahjong parlor.

Stay tuned for more updates, and mark calendars for January 2024! It's going to be an anime-filled start to the year.

Source: Comic Natalie


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