On the official page for the manga written and illustrated by Ren Kawahara, Mijuku na Futari by Gozaimasu gaThe work was found to have more than 800,000 copies in circulation, collected in its six compilation volumes published to date.

Kawahara started publishing the manga on the website Comic days from the publisher Kodansha in March 2018. The publisher published the sixth compilation volume on May 13th and will publish the seventh on September 9th.

Synopsis of Mijuku na Futari by Gozaimasu ga

Ikuma and Sumika Saeki are two childhood friends who recently got married. Although deeply in love with each other, they still have to overcome an obstacle that lies between them and their happy, youthful sex life: having sex.

Due to the duo's inexperience, the two virgins feel uncomfortable and embarrassed when the idea occurs to them. They go out of their way to have sex by simply asking their partner or being aggressive and taking the initiative, but this always ends in the most anti-climactic way possible. That way, an awkward but funny story begins in which a couple tries to get their nighttime activities going.

© カ ワ ハ ラ 著 (著) / KODANSHA 講 談 社


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