On the official page for the manga adaptation of the light novel series by Enki Hakari and illustrated by barrel, Gaikotsu Kishi-sama, Tadaima Isekai and Odekakechuu, responsible for Akira Sawanothe cover of the seventh compilation volume was released, which will be released in Japan on August 25th.

Hakari and KeG in turn began to publish the light novels through the publisher overlap The publisher released the ninth volume in March 2019. In addition, Sawano began to publish the manga on the website Comic Gardo by Overlap-Verlag in February 2017. The publisher published the sixth compiled volume on February 25th.

Synopsis of Gaikotsu Kishi-sama, Tadaima Isekai and Odekakechuu

One day a man was playing video games until he fell asleep ... and when he woke up he found that he was in the game world as a skeleton! Armed with the powerful weapons and armor of his previous avatar, but trapped in the horrific appearance of a skeleton, Ark must find a place to live in this fantastic new land.

All his hopes for a peaceful (and, by the way, eternal) life are dashed when he comes across a beautiful elven warrior who takes him on a journey full of conflict and difficulties.

ยฉ ใ‚ต ใƒฏ ใƒŽ ใ‚ข ใ‚ญ ่‘— (่‘—), ็งค ็Œฟ ใ (ใ ใฎ ไป–), KeG (ใ ใฎ ไป–) / OVERLAP ใ‚ช ใƒผ ใƒ ใƒผ ใƒฉ ใƒฉ ใƒƒ


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