On the official page for the manga by Riku Sanjou and illustrated by Masaki Satou, Fuuto TanteiThe work has been reported to have exceeded 1.7 million cumulative circulating copies in its nine published compilation volumes.

Sanjou and Satou started publishing the manga in the magazine Weekly Big Comic Spirits from the publisher Shogakukan since August 2017. The publisher published the eighth compilation volume on March 30th and will publish the ninth on November 30th.

Synopsis of Fuuto Tantei

In the city of Fuuto, criminals are using USB-like devices called "Gaia Memories" to transform themselves into super-powerful monsters known as "dopants" who are devastating the peaceful city. However, there are also heroes who use the "Gaia Memories" to fight these criminals, one of whom is the self-proclaimed detective Shoutarou Hidari. With the help of their partner Philip, the two transform into Kamen Rider W, the legendary hero of the city of Fuuto.

After the fall of the museum, an evil criminal organization that was responsible for the chaos in Fuuto, the production and distribution of "Gaia Memories" ceased. However, the remains remain in society and are sold on the black market at high prices. Because of this, the two Narumi Detective Agency heroes haven't had time to relax.

Source: Manga Mogura

© 石 ノ 森 章 原著 (原著), 三条 陸 (writer), 佐藤 ま さ イ (イ ラ ス /) / SHOGAKUKAN 小学 館


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