On your social media profiles, Dynit Manga presented the Manga She and her Cat, based on the animated short film of the same name from 1999 by Makoto Shinkai, a director who wowed millions of fans with Your Name. and weather with you.

"Dynit Manga presents: You and your cat. On a spring day, a cat and a woman meet. The time of their days is passing slowly, but the harsh reality of life will soon reach both of them ... Inspired by the short film of the same name from 1999, the manga You and Your Cat is already in the comic book shop and on the official Dynit website ", reads the editor's statement.

Illustrated by Tsubasa Yamagichi, the manga is based on the animated film of the same name, which was shot in black and white in the early 2000s and lasted only five minutes Makoto Shinkai. She and her cat tell the story of a girl who, on a rainy day, met a cat who from that moment lived in her small apartment.

She lived alone and left the house early every morning to go to work. However, the cat, in love with her, her beauty and her friendliness, waited patiently for her. When summer came, the cat found a companion, a cute little kitten named Mimi. But only you, the girl who welcomed him he had given his heart.

Then autumn came and the girl received a call that made her cry for a long time. Even if the cat didn't understand why, he stayed by her side. Time passed and winter finally came. Despite the moments of great despair, the girl and her cat understood love this world.

Dynit recently unveiled Manga Insufficient Direction, by Hideaki Anno's wife, and The Toy of Children Big Box Edition, the manga that gave rise to Rossana's anime.

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